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Athletes & Eating Disorder & Disordered Eating Treatment

Resting Athlete


  • You feel obligated to train or exercise even when you are injured or exhausted

  • You train more than your coach has assigned, or do your own thing before or after practice

  • You feel uncomfortable or anxious when you take a day of rest or if rest is suggested

  • You feel irritable or anxious if exercise plans or food plans are interrupted

  • Your family and/or friends are frustrated with your training and/or food particularities such as: waiting for you to finish working out while on vacation, not being able to enjoy meals together, feeling like a lower priority than your exercise

  • How you feel about body image is dictated by your performance or what you eat

  • You are frustrated that food doesn't feel easier

  • You are fighting your body instead of being on the same team and working with your body

  • You believe if you listened to your body you would be 'out of control'

  • You believe a certain appearance would make everything feel better, or improve your athletic ability, or be proof of your hard work

  • You compensate with exercise or eat less after eating certain foods or after experiencing certain fullness levels

  • You believe feelings should be pushed down and are not helpful in accomplishing things in life

  • You don't know how to support yourself when feeling anxious or uncomfortable in your body

  • You're at a different place in life and struggling with the transition of not exercising as much and/or changes with your body

  • An injury has made food feel more complicated

  • You feel the pressure to be perfect and have everything together

I specialize in supporting current and former athletes through eating disorder treatment. I have an understanding of how athletic culture creates a unique set of circumstances and beliefs that add to the complexity of treating and recovering from an eating disorder. I can come alongside you to connect you with the resources and professionals helpful in expanding your support system, and create a multifaceted approach that is often needed for recovery. I will make sure you and your family understand the next steps in navigating the overwhelming world of treatment so you can move towards healing. You do not have to figure this out alone. 

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