I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and enthusiast of intuitive and functional athlete training and nutrition. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas and my Masters in Counseling from St. Edwards University, and have Gottman Institute Couples Therapy level 1 training credentials. 

My experience includes supporting athletes at various levels from high school, elite club teams, D1 colleges, Ivy League, at the national level, to those who love including exercise in their life.

I have been supporting clients since 2014.

I am Intuitive Eating aligned and an advocate of the anti-diet movement, HAES aligned, I use a social justice lens to approach body politics and body liberation, and encourage my clients in strengthening body trust and mind-body awareness.


I have enjoyed fitness all of my life, and competed in various sports throughout high school, college, and the years following. My longtime love for fitness and sports has given me a special passion for working with athletes, particularly with eating disorders, body image, relationship with exercise, after injury or loss, life after college or pro sports, around relationships, and with anxiety, depression, or suicidal ideation. 


I have a passion for working with Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) or those who grew up in homes with addiction or abuse process trauma and the many ways their home life has impacted them. 

I also have experience supporting clients around cross-cultural body image concerns. 

Professionally, I enjoy speaking engagements and educating on Athletes and Mental Health and Athletes and Eating Disorders. 


When I'm not at the office, I love to spend time with my nephew and niece, family, and friends, run local races with my siblings, being on the lake, weight lifting, boxing classes, listening to social justice podcasts, concerts, and stand-up comedy!


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